Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Recipe : Ayam Masak Masin / Salted Egg Chicken

At first, it sounded bizarre to me. I saw it in a menu in Tupai-tupai - Ayam Masak Masin and I was like..masin? who would ever wanted a salty dish? Then I ask the waiter calmy la, and he told me that Masin came from the Telur Masin, the red one. He finally assured us to try it as it is their signature dish.

It was delicious!

I can't get enough of it, so making them myself! I have been making this dishes whenever I don't have time to prepare things. Same as my butter prawn recipe, it is just a simple dish, no hassle. Even you lil sister can make this. 

Here's the recipe I've change a bit to suit my ke-malasan. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Segmen Blogwalking : When I was a Kid by Aina Akmal

aina akmal when i was a kid

This is so awesome. As you may know, there are few posts I wrote about when I was a kid..

When I was a kid : I already in love with Ryan Gosling!
When I was a kid : I was a math genius

I like reminiscing the playfulness, keceriaan, how free I was as a kid. It was so joyful.

Here top 5 things to summarize, a comparison of as a kid and an adult (konon la dewasa kan)

  • I don't have to work - no need to worry about money.

Monday, August 18, 2014

10 Creative Ideas to Decorate Cupcakes

Lately, I have been craving for a lot of things. Sushi, cupcakes, apple tart, almond tart, pasty pie, even magi goreng is on my list. Not pregnant people. not. Hopefully this is the sign. Please doa..:D

Out of all the long list, cupcakes are adorable kan? sweet, yummy, smell of vanilla..I can't get them any soon. I opt to make them myself and don't have time for that. so maybe here a list of Top 10 adorable cute cupcakes! to cure my craving..





Friday, August 15, 2014

Faith Friday : Sembah

I'm sure that everyone had gone through this kind of situation. 

"Ah...pakai tudung tapi baju sexy"
"Okay la.. She prays 5 times a day, though she's not covering her aurat "

Conflict sangat and it has wrongly be a norm these days. 

Instead of questioning about other people, we should ask ourselves first - Do you obey Allah? or do you obey Allah in certain times only? Like in masjid, while reciting the Quran or fasting in Ramadan. 

It is kinda confusing what our culture has made us, building up walls dividing custom and religion. I've seen people that perform Jumaat prayer, but not daily prayer. They think Jumaat prayer is just a custom/tradition. Same goes with wearing telekung to prayer (covering aurat) but still wearing tight clothes outside of prayer.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why Wednesday : Cat versus Human

I love this site, catversushuman by Yasmine Surovec. It is so hillarious! It tells stories about her life with cats in comic strip. Who doesn't love comic right?

If you love cats... well, you should love cats! no excuse..haha.. catversushuman is the best site I have ever been. Made my day. I can't stop lol-ing.

Here are my favourite:

I'm totally a cat people.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 37 - Favorite TV shows

Firstly, I am a huge fan of tv series. Seriously.

and I think it is bad, very bad. I watch any sort of series. from, adventure, thriller, reality-tv, cooking, horror, crime, drama or even factory production. How it's made is my favourite okay. I am easily fascinated with all the process, seeing series of bottles in line, a machine cutting hundred of biscuits..so funny la rasa.

On top of that, I even re-watched them through net tau. Maybe you can already guess what series do I followed from my previous post such as..

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BW : Segment BlogWalking Ogos by Karya Mahirah

karya mahirah

Assalammualaikum. Already 7 days of Syawal. Happy Eid to every muslims. :)

Decided to join a BW // Blogwalking segment which is to increase your blog traffic and get to know lots of people. Why not kan? 

Thank you for the sponsor, Karya Mahirah :)

Join the segment jom.