Thursday, June 13, 2013


Less than a month to go for Ramadhan

10 July Insyaallah, all of Muslims will start fasting.

Just a reminder to me to stop worrying on stuff.

Stop panicking on
- what to eat, where to break fast
- have you prepare your new clothes for eid
- what cookies you're gonna made
- where to celebrate eid

Let's start thinking on
- is it just fasting from eating, shouldn't it be more than that
- what have you prepared for it
- will you be able to perform tarawih at night
- how you'll spend this barakah month
- could you finish the Quran in a month
- will you be able to see Ramadhan again

I should start thinking all of masa cepatnya berlalu kan.

plus, yeay for first time fasting as a wife and hopefully i won't miss any sahur. Thank God I have my sayang, as he is a morning person. hehe  :D

ps: Jangan lupa ganti puasa tau.