Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cat Jenga

It tickles me just by looking at the picture. Imagine how would you ever play a cat jenga? I can't stop hearing meowing right now.. :D and by thinking which cat should I move, already made me puzzled.. or meowing too :3

Putting myself stacked among those cats remind me of how difficult life is. Everyday is about making decision. Sounds cliche as it is, we still need to do it every single day. From what to wear, where to eat, should i go this way, that way, do someone hates me, what should i say, what should i do tonight and others. 

..ok, penat and tiresome..

..how about cat jenga, anyone? meow..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Wednesday

Assalammualaikum w.b.t...

It happened last few weeks. Met a cat who was so manja and loved my dress like her own dress. eh? hehehe.. I took that as a compliment lah kan. People won't get close to you if they hate you. Just a simple why.. 

Dear meow..do you love me? Why my dress? :D 

If only meow can read this.

Wishing you all, happy wednesday!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mellow in yellow

Salam beautiful,

I find it's really hard, like remembering my home phone number, when thinking what should I wear tomorrow.

and it gets super hard when choosing what to wear with yellow outfits. It could be a fashion land mine!

Actually, yellow was the least favourite colour I would wear. Somehow now, it is one of my favourite. Despite my love/hate towards yellow, I do feel how it could brighten up mood, like a splash of sunshine..

I got one yellow skirt, really a bright shade, which I bought at a pre-loved party for RM25..a price you can resist kan. The truth is, I didn't think much on how to wear it actually that time. :L

Too much yellow could make people go blind I suppose..haha.. So here are some of my favourite how to look subtle when wearing yellow..

Yellow smells yummy to me. :9

Links to pictures can be found from my pinterest. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I don't say cheese

Why do you need to say cheese in the first place? It is like telling everyone that you're faking a smile. Cheesy kan? hehe..

or according to Tyra Banks, smiling without the eyes. Just please stop. 

Happy thoughts are the only thing that could help me smile genuinely..or Ryan Gosling for sure. 

So, what type of smile do you have? 

Happy Tuesday! Salam. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 13 - Something you drew in 10 seconds

Salam and Hello weekend!

There's nothing can beat playing games on weekend..

and this is something, I'm not sure if I drew it less than 10 seconds, from a facebook game : draw something..

Can you guess the word?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 8 - Your favourite outfit

Assalammualaikum and Hello lovelies!

It's been like nine months since I started this 100 day challenge, kan? and it supposes to finish last October, which is 6 months ago. tehee.. this really shows how good I am at planning while bad at doing it :L.

Now we come to Day-8!

Some called it second skin, and some just called it a human need. Fashion. Clothes. Outfits. I just consider it as physical statement. It shows how you feel inside, someway to express your inner thought. Come to think, I do own lots of red things compared when I was a kid..maybe it is a way to boost my confidence.

So, hello Day-8: Favourite outfit. This is hard. Favourite is subjective. As for now, there are no particular outfit that I like. So I go to what I usually wear.

I can proudly proclaim I am a vintage junkie. We usually call it bundle, used, second hand, thrift or pre-loved. But for me, it is beauty clothes without money burning while saving earth and being green. Wuuh...definition kan..

I love how simple it looks with subtle tailoring.. puff shoulder, lacy cutout and what I love most is its sleeve cuff.

I have friend that gets euww to pre-loved clothes, as it was wore by someone before. To be truth, I was extremely euww and blergh too.. So these had changed my perspective towards pre-loved items:

  • You hardly find, emm..I can assure.. you can't find anyone wearing same clothes as you. Which is embarrassing a bit kan?
  • Saving our environment. Imagine the production process. Starts from the thread, colouring and sewing process. All of the stages consume time and money. While you can opt for pre-loved clothes and save resources. 
  • Lastly, money! Pre-loved items could cost almost 1/10 of original price. Imagine RM100 could buy you 20 pieces of clothes :O Untung banyak di sini..

Yeay! Go green guys. You won't lose anything. You won't get AIDS wearing pre-loved items.

So here a picture of me happily wearing pre-loved clothes with 2 hours worth waiting Burger Bakar in hands .

Happy May everyone :)

p/s: For past few post, a lot of times taken to publish a single post. Well, I just couldn't write fast or else I'll sound like a maniac or drunk or somewhere in between the two..Maybe I'm going to skip the order, and write anything from the list.

Time will tell. :D

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