Friday, April 3, 2015

3 Ways to Style Leather Jacket

Assalammualaikum and hello lovelies!

Oh my.. It's been a while! Seriously. I can't believe that my last post was in October. Time been passing real quick right? We're already on third month of 2015. Hello March! and.. Happy Birthday to me :) One year older and 3 years to go to 30's. Hoping for better year ahead and improved Imaan :D Please make a pray for me tau.

Talking about improvement, I believe, as women we shall dress modestly, but that shouldn't be an excuse to look outdated. One way to transformed your look effortlessly is by putting on outerwear. It is an easiest and fastest way to get ready every morning and still looking gorgeous. There are various types of outerwear available in the market. Name it, cardigan, blazer, jacket, kimono, or even a long sleeved shirt could be an outerwear. 

Among the stylish piece of outerwear, invest for a timeless piece which can never go out of style, leather jacket! Some claim that leather jacket is one of the every woman wardrobe staples.  Instead of the usual fabric cardigans, opt for a different trendy appearance by wearing leather jackets.

The truth is, I've been thinking whether I should get myself a leather jacket for ages. I love the effect of manliness it'll give. Are you in the same boat as I am? Dying to try but has no courage to wear one? If so, high 5! 

For that reason, here are Top 3 Ways to Style Leather Jackets, to help you and me get started.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Free Printable : Al-Fatihah (Verse 5)

Hello lovelies. It's October!

Guess what? I have been busy starting my own project, somethingseni. Which is doing great, not much but I'm glad I have started something. So as an apologies token for not updating a lot last month, I just wanna share something I made.

but first, have you ever heard how amazing, mind-blowing facts about al-Fatihah?

You should check out Nouman Ali Khan on his talk about al-Fatihah. I am no expertise to talk on his behalf tau..Please do check ok.

Ultimately important lesson I stumble upon was, the middle ayat, verse number 5. In English:

"You (alone) we worship and You (alone) we ask for help"

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why you should start doing your own biz, now?

Be your own boss, have flexible working time, decide your biz goals, live your dream life...who doesn't love that?

Everyone must have a dream to do something they love, right? I find that it is hectic, living a life that half of it are merely to just 8-5 work. Don't you think?

I used to work at an office that an hour far from my home, daily. Stuck in traffic, spend RM300 on gas and toll, late night working and I really don't have time to myself. I love working there. The problem is the time management. Imagine that.

So, isn't it great to have your own home office?

Here a few motivating quote to help you to take a leap.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Recipe : Ayam Masak Masin / Salted Egg Chicken

At first, it sounded bizarre to me. I saw it in a menu in Tupai-tupai - Ayam Masak Masin and I was like..masin? who would ever wanted a salty dish? Then I ask the waiter calmy la, and he told me that Masin came from the Telur Masin, the red one. He finally assured us to try it as it is their signature dish.

It was delicious!

I can't get enough of it, so making them myself! I have been making this dishes whenever I don't have time to prepare things. Same as my butter prawn recipe, it is just a simple dish, no hassle. Even you lil sister can make this. 

Here's the recipe I've change a bit to suit my ke-malasan. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Segmen Blogwalking : When I was a Kid by Aina Akmal

aina akmal when i was a kid

This is so awesome. As you may know, there are few posts I wrote about when I was a kid..

When I was a kid : I already in love with Ryan Gosling!
When I was a kid : I was a math genius

I like reminiscing the playfulness, keceriaan, how free I was as a kid. It was so joyful.

Here top 5 things to summarize, a comparison of as a kid and an adult (konon la dewasa kan)

  • I don't have to work - no need to worry about money.