Monday, January 16, 2012

When I was a kid : I already in love with Ryan Gosling!

Assalammualaikum and hello beautiful Monday!

First of all, have you watched Crazy, Stupid, Love? You should have seen it..  with charming Ryan Gosling, 4/5 from me..

I love how the plot moves from one to one and absolutely the surprise at the end of the movie. It's really a new breath for romantic-comedy-drama genre. The connection between all characters are very interesting and creatively done! Plus, the on-screen chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is one of the best I've seen so far.

"Seriously!? It's like you're photoshopped" (referring to Ryan's abs) -- my most memorable quote from the movie...hehehe... It's really funny how the modern-day jokes being use in the movie. Like Hannah (Emma Stone) explaining herself, "I am sexy. I am R-rated sexy".. Just made me laugh and thinking mine would be at what rate.. Maybe still a G or PG.. not even PG-13! hehe.. actual point here is, I never ever thought before young hercules could grown up to be...this hot! Oh my..

Back then, this young hercules was my hero. Waited in front of the TV, 10 pm every Tuesday (err..or Monday) for this show. Oh my.. not to forget, dreaming of having a young hercules as a boyfriend.. In those days his hair was the coolest hairstyle ever, right? hehe..

What's more, I do find his sense of fashion is flawless..

be sure to watch his others 2011 movies.. from intelligent but naive Stephens Meyers to seriously skilled and full of emotion driver in drive you can judge how amazing his acting performance.   

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Happy Monday!

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