Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions anyone? Let's start from small things..

Assalammualaikum..and happy thursday!

For past few days, I've seen a lot of new year's resolutions posted on facebook, blogs as well as meme site.. :p So, I lookup what exactly the resolution means..

Some mentions that : 'I have a resolution not to have any resolution this year' or 'I don't need resolution as new year just the same as a new day for me'.. I was thinking the same.. 'Naaahh.. I'm sure I will not resolve any of need to them list out'..

Well, I was wrong. I was afraid.

In Islam, we are taught to improved ourselves. As 'berusaha, doa and tawakkal '. We are encourage to be a better person, not only spiritually but also in all other aspects. Most of us got it wrong about Islam only covers spiritual aspect. Islam is complete way of life and Al -Quran as the guidance.

As stated in the Quran,

I believe that, everything starts with simple small steps. Too small that we've might ignored them.

As posted by Farah Ilyana on her facebook, quote from Aishah Amin,

Really got me thinking about it again and again. :D

So here I got are mine written out to be remembered:

  1. Reciting 'Bismillah' in everything I do. 
  2. Practice sunnah and hadith as much as I can in everyday life
  3. Stay out from any negative influence (debate, arguments, media, anything melalaikan)
  4. Forgive everyone and ask for Allah forgiveness
  5. Lastly, respect others

See you! Hope 2012 will be blissful for all of you!

p/s: I love her (Aisha Amin) for a lot of reason, plus she is in architecture too

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