Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Surprising Ideas to Make Life Easier : Home

Assalammualaikum and hello!

My first intention in starting this blog was to be informational as I could and share it to the whole world. As far as I know, I am not really close to that intention. Am I? hehehe... So, this is my first entry to share some tips I've stumbled upon. 

This time, it is about home, from organizing, cleaning, decorating and of course, making life easier . So here are the top 10 surprising ideas for your home.

Cord Lables
Start to keep your bread bag clips and use them to label the look alike power cords. Should be less problem figuring out which power cord you want to turn off.

Scheduling Assistant
This is way too cute. Seeing is always believing, right? Using clothes pins represent each day, clip any to-do index card for the day. It is green, reusable and save a lot of times. 

Light Embellishment
Bright up some of your old boring Raya festive lights with this idea. All you need is strand of lights and cupcake liners.

Bamboo Organizer
Why I didn't think of this before, bamboo steamer could be a cute organizer. I really love this! It is simple yet speaks out ingenious! *Runs searching for one*

Wrappers Storage
Architecture students: no more reasons for untidy room okay. There's always a space for those scattered drawings..or even models, model boards..anything wire could endure. 

Cleaning Ceiling Fan
Trouble cleaning those dusty ceiling fan? No more worries. Cover a fan blade with an old pillowcase and pull it over to wipe.No more dust scattered all over the floor.

Ribbon Dispenser
Works as ribbon dispenser and keeps all ribbon in place.  Again students, might as well works with masking tape, cellophane tape,  duct excuse for missing tape again.

Matching Sheets
Just tuck the sheet set inside its pillowcase and cut off time to hunt for lost matching pair. Plus, it is nicer to be seen, it looks like a cute small pillow.

To-do List Board
Instead buying boring blank whiteboard, opt for this stylish picture frame as dry-erase board. Frame any amazing pattern fabric or paper (I'm thinking of doily), you can write your to-do list on the glass. Make sure  you write with non-permanent marker.

Mason Jars Storage
I love mason jars and I love how easily we can see things inside them. Just put all teeny weeny items inside the jars and you'll be clutter-free, as easy as that. 

Brush Hook
Well, is it 10 already?...Oh.. I really need to include this Brush Hook. Always, after hardly trying to soften stiff brushes, I just throw them away. Now, see what an amazing thing they could turn to. Enough said. 

More interesting and clever ideas? Do check here, The Daily Buzz.

Have a happy Thursday..Long weekend awaits..

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  1. brilliant tips! and right on time too. aku baru ingat nak deco bilik cuti cny ni :)

    thanks chiida!

  2. Homaaiii..i really impress with all idea esp the manson jars storage. It was really cool. *thumbs up~ ;)

  3. aww. these are all pretty and ingenious! :D

  4. ween: kan!? senang tapi x terfikir..hehe.. and love to see hows your room turn out to!

    miss aty: love mason jars! they're just convenient. letak la apa2 pun kan. thank you for viewing <3

    isha: isha! thank you. I'm glad you like them..yeay!