Wednesday, April 2, 2014

and kids, that's "How I Met Your Mother"

Just watched it and I am so SAD right now. It is just that I haven't thought an hour could feel like years. It was fast, packed with lots of big moments, kind of rushed a bit. well, what can you expect, it was the last episode. There was a lot of things going on there and all I can say.. what a Legendary Ending!

I really like the ending though. It was simple and sweet kan..*tears welling up* I know that some of the fans went outrage and mad over the ending and keep saying what a waste of nine years. Well, the beginning nor the ending should matter the most right? What I mean is the process for all of it. You got to know all 5 characters plus the mother in the last season. Not to forget every life lessons that we have learned. I think that should overcome all the negative comments.

Already missing HIMYM. It feels like all of them are real and out there somewhere. No more updates on their life. I'm so in need of those "high infinity!" Let it echoes. Maybe re-watched all of their episodes.


and this is my favourite scene of all. Nine years to know how exactly they met and it was so sweet. She's so beautiful. Ok. Sorry for the spoiler, if you haven't watched it.You should have watched them!

p/s: I love the twist at the end. So unexpected.  Everyone should move on. Letting  someone / something go is hard, somehow they really show that it is possible.