Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 2 - A photo that makes you happy

Say hello to starfish

  • Its a dead starfish actually :( Found it washed up on the shore..poor guy..
  • I never seen a starfish before, neither dead or alive.
  • Still, how lucky I am to find one right? I was so excited..see that smile!
  • Now I can wear it as a hairclip like the mermaids do.. hoho..
  • But please..If you see one that still alive, please throw them back into the sea! 

Luckily it doesn't look or smell or grin like Patrick Star..

See ya! 

p/s: that's my younger sister, Farhana. I was crazy finding any photo that makes me I forced her to email me this photo..just few hours ago..('o')-->supposed to sound like 'hoho' (belajar dari siapa gelak seperti ni...)

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    hello my new darling..