Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Sims Social // Socialites in Town

Haven't you heard about 'The Sim Social'? Shame on you! I just started playing it today! Booyah!.. OMG! and worse..I'm addicted..

It's like..patiently staring at computer screen and keep me of doing a complete working drawing for submission tomorrow morning..

I was introduced to the sims, quite some time ago, by Farhah. No, I'm not blaming you..hehe.. It's been one of my guilty pleasure since..From the sims, the sims 2 and the sims 3..all I've played! Now, its Facebook era...grrrr....and I'm obsessed! Here are some screenshots...

Awesome tagline!

Imma Socialites baby!

My sweet little homie..meow..
This is the big reason why I play The Sims. Building a house! I wish other 3D software, SketchUp, do look like this and really user friendly told ya..Less time consumes in preparing illustration I bet..

Some real awesome houses! *drool* (via)
Love the garden at the back


Hot tub. outdoor, garden..when will I have these?

One of my fave items, the 1000 simoleons it!

Tempted? Say yes!..hehe..

Okay,since I just started, to, some tips ...
  • Be extra careful with what you the beginning, click the customize first. Customize everything till you feel totally satisfied!You ' sim looks so cute'..hehe...Cause once you clicked play, you need to pay to customize. Believe it or not, changing hairstyle will cost you 1000 simoleons! yikes! 
  • Don't sell anything you have. Ever. Even you hate it. It's useless. Most of the items sold for 90% less. 450 price item sold for just 45 simoleons! Just put them in store.
  • Let the energy bar replenish itself. Don't have to buy or ask friend, unless its urgent. While waiting for the energy to fill up, just do anything else like buying things for your house, change the layout or write a blog...see! I do make sense..
  • Get extra simoleons by keeping your sims 'inspired'. Your sims will be in inspired mode if its need is full. Easy peasy! Let the simoleons come to you...wuu...(simoleons is the sims currency, btw)
  • Help your friends.. and soon they'll help you back. Ask your friend to help in sending items quest, building new room, building furniture and be sure to help them back or drop them a gift.  
Ciida Montgomery

That's all what I have learned...Hope those tips help. Lets start socializing!

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p/s: Do I look adorable? Say it! Beauty mark on upper lip shall make me cute right? Ok..fine..I knew it doesn't work..  

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  1. I pernah main Sims tapi tak pandai, geram terus tak main T-T haha

  2. The Petite Blogger: oh my..your sister must be awesome :D

    Atiqah Abd Shukor: I know! but fb version much easier. you should try.. (macam promoter)