Thursday, August 9, 2012

Merry Marry Night

Hello everyone and Salam Ramadhan.

20-days of fasting has gone by..can you believe it? I still remember how was my first day of fasting.. preparing to break fast at my home, Taiping.. and the rest in between of the fasting day was a blurry images in my mind kan..

So, I'm still preoccupied with the wedding stuff in my head.. and no, I'm not getting married in a short time tau.. It's just like berangan, wishing to marry a young adorable prince..just like when we are a child :) but this time, it's berangan within the limit and trying to make it happens..

Experience has taught me a lot of things. Not all are useful, but some maybe.. All those wedding I've attended, made me thinking why wedding reception at night is not in the list.. It's really hot nowadays kan, even with all those fans, ceiling fans, kipas tangan, fans with water spraying all over..It's not enough. I just wish wedding are done during night..

Some day, my wedding maybe? hehehe... 

and would you guys come to night-time wedding? 
Selamat berpuasa, mari mencari malam lailatulqadar pada akhir 10 hari Ramadhan :)

5 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. How brilliant a night time wedding sounds! I'm a waitress at lots of weddings so I get some great ideas but that has got to be the best ever. Wonderful inspiration.

  2. people who wishes for a romantic themed wedding should opt for night time. people like me hihihi. because the lighting and ambience is so much prettier

    tapi tapi org tua2 ni sceptic sket. any pantang larangs ke kalau buat malam?

  3. Antiquity's Child : Oh..thank you. Glad you like it dear! and believe me I'm really inspired too, like I want to get married asap just to have a night time wedding :D..

    WeenAzura: hehe..kan! with all the glimmering light, soothing music..that's how wedding should be.. not the panas and babies crying out loud :(

    i've asked my mom, there's no pantang larang.. i guess orang tua a bit conservative..not so many of them would come to a night time wedding..kena tidur awal maybe :)

    so jadi pesta muda-mudi pula? hehe..

  4. sounds good.
    takda la tahan panas.


    thanks following myblog :).

  5. kan...sejuk mata memandang, sejuk badan apabila makan..hehe...

    and welcome..suka baca your blog :)..