Monday, August 27, 2012

Why do you buy things online?

Assalammualaikum..Hello workday..

Woke up a bit late, trying to adapt to my old worklife schedule. Lucky the traffic was okay and arrived at the office within 40 minutes. psst..usually with heavy traffic, it could take as much as 1 hour and half :(

So, I've been selling my old stuff on the net, here. with lack of items uploaded, the biz runs quite good. A bit. Maybe a little. and it's a lie if I don't buy anything from friendly fashion. Stumble upon some good stuff, made me goes wild..there is a lot of thinking there, trust me. Sometimes I do wonder, how actually do you shop online? Do you guys have any rules to stick to?

What's really bugging me is.. How do you buy shoes online?
Face it, even in real life it's hard for me to buy one. From flat shoe to wedges. from brown to salmon pink..I'd test them all..imagine online? I believe in buying shoes, your feet have to make the decision. Maybe a picture with a person wearing it will be helpful.

Same goes as carpet right guys? I love touching the carpet with my feet.. bad bad habit :(

and this is funny :D

2 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. I know what you mean, I need to feel the shoes on my feet :).

  2. hi tereza! yes dear. feel it and try to walk right. sometimes it won't fit while you're moving..