Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friendly Fashion: not just burning your calories

Salam and good morning..

I was browsing and googling for some excitement, insert 'vintage blogshop'. Hoping to buy some pre-loved things online at cheaper prices.. This is what I've found..

Friendly Fashion, top the chart of my guilty pleasure shopping website I've ever found. Even better than what I've hoped for actually. While burning the calories by clicking the mouse (do they? heh..) constantly and eagerly I suppose.. 

Friendly fashion offers what I've got in minds. A centre for fashion lovers, who can sell/swap/or even give away their no longer needed items. How cool is that kan?

Plus, I can say that Friendly Fashion gives you a chance to claim that you're absolutely a..
1. Smart consumer. pay less and get more items. or even swap items with others
2. Nature lover, buying used clothes to reduce use of natural resources
3. and a kind-hearted person, who's doing charity for good not for the money.

All in all, it's free.  No additional fee or cukai or something. Even celebrities are taking part in selling their unused clothes. Just sign up and feast your eyes..

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