Friday, September 16, 2011

Green, Greener and Greenest

I was browsing my mail and one mail, subscribed from Martha Stewart, caught my eyes.
 Save $200 a Year with One Quick Little Habit
Before bed, unplug appliances, computers and stereos. You'll save on utilities and reduce the carbon emissions on the juice you won't be using.
Lets make an effort in reducing carbon footprint. :)

Sorry for not updating my blog lately. I was away for past few weeks as I was moving to a new house. Hope to get the net installed in few days.

See you guys :)

p/s: Please miss me...Oh please :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Glee Project // It's a wrap!

Yeah.. I was behaving goodly yesterday..since I did not google up the result for Glee Project winner.. *pat on shoulders* Google has been my best friend for its endless knowledge, translation, maps and searching keywords. Hehe..

Couldn't agree more :D

Okay..again..back to the part I was being a good girl... and it really worth it! The winner is...wait for it.....maybe longer......okay...

All of the finalist!.. a little bit..  
Samuel announced as the winner..first!

I was like..(-___-") not-him-not-him-moment
and this! what I was hoping for..Damian also wins!

When all 4 get something for their effort!

I was so shocked at the same time I was ecstatic with the result. Ryan Murphy announced the winners, in particular order, Samuel Larsen, Damian McGinty win the 7 guest episodes and Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell will be feature in 2 episodes! Woohooo..

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Sam, but he's really talented and clearly what Glee kids don't have at all..well with his dreadlocks and mesmerizing eyes..ea? ea?

  Now you're agree with me right?  

Still, I can't get rid of spending my spare time fancying over Cameron! He's a pure talent. Caution: Scroll down at your own risk!


Awww...Say you love Cameron! Say it! or else...hehehe...I just love the last .gif.. I'm sure he has bright future ahead..

Till then, see ya! Have a great weekend :)

p/s: having hard time for past few days. I'm really trying distracting myself from things that been bothering me and drives me crazy..God, please help me!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIY : Name Stamp

Greetings all! Assalamualaikum :)

I'm not feeling well actually since yesterday..I don't know. Well, thankfully it made me trying to cheer myself up by doing diy things. My own name stamp! Awesome!

I know that we can customade it at shop for merely RM3. Yes. It just that cheap but takes few days before it can be use (I'm always a person who is too excited that can't wait for a single minute). So, I read some awesome diy name stamped that shows different techniques and materials, and I end up following the crafty cpa: Inventory control: create your own name stamp

Some might know that I love crafting and I made things for myself rather than buying.. and I want to label those babies with my name..some kind of branding lah kan..hehe.. So, I chose to use anything that been scattered around my room.

You'll need:
Rubber eraser
Carving tools better but I used that common knife.
Stamp pad
Pen, Pencill and Paper
and patient :D

I rate the difficulty: 2/10

Lets get started

Step 1 : Write your name on a piece of paper. Due to my bad handwriting, you can see how many retries attempted. Haha.. :D

Step 2 : Transfer it onto the eraser. From the tutorial, you just flip the paper and place it on top of the carving block. Rub the back of the paper and your words will leave its mark on the block. I found it doesn't work on that eraser. (After so many painful tries..with lots of urrgh arghh..) So I had reluctantly need to write it mirror-ly..ea? (mirror writing tau). I chose to write on the side surface of the eraser as it is easier to hold.

Step 3 : Start carving. It really easy and fun. Be careful not to cut yourself.

Step 4 : Ready and stamp away! Yeay! You made it..

I just stamp it on a piece of leftover fabric and sew it as a label for my humble fabric purse. It does look nice kan?

Hope you'll enjoy this :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya Duit

Okay..not making any sense..right.. I'm going to talk about Duit Raya actually...($_,$)

Kids, still in school or studying will get duit raya kan?. I never thought this year I still get it. Dah tua, besar panjang..xmalu.. hehe.. Thank you pakcik, makcik, cousins..yeah.. Even my cousin gave me duit raya..shame on me as I'm still unemployed. (Anyone? Hire me please :D)

It's a tradition to give duit raya..I believed it's one way of sedekah as well as menyucikan harta, as my mom said.

One day, I'll be the hands that giving instead of receiving.. (correct me if I'm wrong guys..) 

Happy Monday..Happy working!..
Till then..bye :)