Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya Duit

Okay..not making any sense..right.. I'm going to talk about Duit Raya actually...($_,$)

Kids, still in school or studying will get duit raya kan?. I never thought this year I still get it. Dah tua, besar panjang..xmalu.. hehe.. Thank you pakcik, makcik, cousins..yeah.. Even my cousin gave me duit raya..shame on me as I'm still unemployed. (Anyone? Hire me please :D)

It's a tradition to give duit raya..I believed it's one way of sedekah as well as menyucikan harta, as my mom said.

One day, I'll be the hands that giving instead of receiving.. (correct me if I'm wrong guys..) 

Happy Monday..Happy working!..
Till then..bye :)

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