Friday, September 9, 2011

Glee Project // It's a wrap!

Yeah.. I was behaving goodly yesterday..since I did not google up the result for Glee Project winner.. *pat on shoulders* Google has been my best friend for its endless knowledge, translation, maps and searching keywords. Hehe..

Couldn't agree more :D

Okay..again..back to the part I was being a good girl... and it really worth it! The winner is...wait for it.....maybe longer......okay...

All of the finalist!.. a little bit..  
Samuel announced as the winner..first!

I was like..(-___-") not-him-not-him-moment
and this! what I was hoping for..Damian also wins!

When all 4 get something for their effort!

I was so shocked at the same time I was ecstatic with the result. Ryan Murphy announced the winners, in particular order, Samuel Larsen, Damian McGinty win the 7 guest episodes and Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell will be feature in 2 episodes! Woohooo..

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Sam, but he's really talented and clearly what Glee kids don't have at all..well with his dreadlocks and mesmerizing eyes..ea? ea?

  Now you're agree with me right?  

Still, I can't get rid of spending my spare time fancying over Cameron! He's a pure talent. Caution: Scroll down at your own risk!


Awww...Say you love Cameron! Say it! or else...hehehe...I just love the last .gif.. I'm sure he has bright future ahead..

Till then, see ya! Have a great weekend :)

p/s: having hard time for past few days. I'm really trying distracting myself from things that been bothering me and drives me crazy..God, please help me!

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  1. Haha! I don't watch Glee. But that guy is HOT. ;D
    Cool blog! Thanks for following mine :D I'm going to follow you as well. :)

  2. heck to the yeah! i love cameron! so sad he decided to quit. i still admire him, though. agh! he's so adorable! :D

  3. Jodie-Ann :I know right..he's so HOT...btw..awww...tq for following! :) I love your writing <3..

    Ishashime: Yeay! Tq for following also.. Cameron quit! I was shocked that time..suppose Damian on the not called back list.. oh well..

  4. sue loveee it too my dear.... =.)