Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monthly mental abuse :L

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..
Gaa..first post! approaching the end of April :(

I've been trying hard to write or the least I could do, post a picture. April, so far, has been  my month of being jimat..well lately.. :D hehe.. I was thinking of how do others plan their money, I mean, really well-planed and still rich at the end of month.

Me, most of my income goes to food. I mean..

Kan? Who can resist those right?.. Everyday I'm suffering, starving, craving..with daily problems on allocating enough money for food, makan, minum and do count kan?..hehehe... and, luckily while I was skimming through the emails and found one of martha stewart useful tips on financial..

I love how math we learned in school mean something now.. 

Hopes these small steps lead to big changes for next month, May!

See you :) 

(pictures taken from my pinterest, link can be found there)