Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why Wednesday : Butter

Salam and Hello everyone..

It seems wednesday is my favourite day to rhyme it with why. This week, my why come from my long lost friend, Asriah who actually triggered this thing up 5 years ago :O

She was asking a question, how butterfly got their for her, butter can't fly!.. and I was like "Oh God, that is so true"..

This is the beautiful butterfly..

and this is what I always sees, when someone mention butterfly, since then..

I would love someone to tell me why butterfly named butter-fly..someone please? I'll cook something made of butter for you..

Ok, I need to catch those flying butter..*runs*

p/s : None of butterflies were harm during the making of this post :D

3 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. Babe, I suka blog you. I wonder if you ambil tempahan design blog maybe? :)

  2. Hai atiqah! wahhh...terima kasih. *flattered kan*

    and kalau nak design blog, boleh! yeay! email me all your needs and requirement la tau.. i'll do my best :D