Thursday, July 24, 2014

25 Adorable B Nicknames

Calling someone you love with nicknames shows that you really love them right? Like naming your pets even they didn't even response to it. Sometimes the name sounds silly and not even a word. Still, the sillier it gets, the closest it shows the relationship.

I used to call my husband 'gugu-gaga' makes him laugh but question "whyyy.." as it sounds absurd to him.

Well, the truth is...back then he looked like a cute little baby! He used to shave off his facial hairs and not intended to grow any. Let's keep it a secret okay.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Friendly Fashion : Closing

friendly fashion iconIn this time of finding good quality and cheap price of clothes for hari raya, my mind is on friendly fashion website. I can browse at that site for hours without even knowing it. I don't mind buying and wearing used / pre-loved clothes. In fact I'm proud of it. (as well as jimat kan). As stated on my 2012 post about friendly fashion: not just burning your calories. Unfortunately, as you may already knew that friendly fashion was closed down effective from 1 July 2013. It has been a year since then!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 10 - Photos that makes you sad

gaza israel conflict
I am so sick with what is happening to humanity these days. You can't just simply go to someone's house and force them to get out from their own home and then claim that its yours. Motif ?

I saw a comment from this awesome Islamic comic, The Muslim Show. I shall share it here as it was beautifully explain :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY : Carrot Favor

If you went to my sister's wedding, you should get this, if you are a children la. At first, we really wanted to give kids healthy favors. Unfortunately, I can't find any healthier and cheaper choice than this yummy super rings. Alasan.

I love its vibrant orange colour (not healthy juga all those food colouring) and it turned out great as a carrot-look-alike too.
Carrot Favor

We even made a white carrot. Keropok roda as the filling.

It was so simple to make this cute favor. Maybe you don't even need any tutorial. but...I made a tutorial already. So here, Carrot Favor Tutorial! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Drawing Dreams | MARA Result

The result was out months ago but I don't have the courage to face the music. I failed to get the MARA loan and I have tried to appeal but it didn't work out.

What I've been through was like a massive water ripple effect. Everything, emotionally for instant has been tarnished.

It all started last year. I really wanted to finish my study and decided to take Master of Architecture. Unlike other courses, we are studio-based and technical course need to prepare extra documentation. I was so determined and put my best preparing portfolio, resume, personal statement and university application.

 I managed to get 3 offer letters, unconditional from University of Liverpool and Lincoln University and conditional offer from Liverpool John Moores University. Which I believe not so important to MARA as they didn't ask for offer letter (quote from MARA officer).

Friday, July 11, 2014

Small Home Ideas : IKEA Wishlist

It has been a year and half living in a new rented house, yet most parts of the house are not well decorated. Talking about decoration, first thing that come across is IKEA. Who doesn't love them right?

I love their simplicity and clean design. Minimalist equals to big YES!

I shall start small and here is my inspiration list.

Top on our list. KLIPPAN two-seat sofa price at RM599.