Monday, July 21, 2014

Friendly Fashion : Closing

friendly fashion iconIn this time of finding good quality and cheap price of clothes for hari raya, my mind is on friendly fashion website. I can browse at that site for hours without even knowing it. I don't mind buying and wearing used / pre-loved clothes. In fact I'm proud of it. (as well as jimat kan). As stated on my 2012 post about friendly fashion: not just burning your calories. Unfortunately, as you may already knew that friendly fashion was closed down effective from 1 July 2013. It has been a year since then!
friendly fashion closing

and from their website : (
friendly fashion web
It was heart breaking to hear the news. Friendly fashion was like one community that could swap, buy or even donate no longer use items. Cool kan. During that period, I was able to get 2 items and sell like 12 items. I even posted one pinafore dress to US. It was a memorable experience. Too bad that I didn't print screen any feedback about me.  

More about friendly fashion from the star news.

Hope that one day Malaysia would have this eco-friendly project in future.