Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Drawing Dreams | MARA Result

The result was out months ago but I don't have the courage to face the music. I failed to get the MARA loan and I have tried to appeal but it didn't work out.

What I've been through was like a massive water ripple effect. Everything, emotionally for instant has been tarnished.

It all started last year. I really wanted to finish my study and decided to take Master of Architecture. Unlike other courses, we are studio-based and technical course need to prepare extra documentation. I was so determined and put my best preparing portfolio, resume, personal statement and university application.

 I managed to get 3 offer letters, unconditional from University of Liverpool and Lincoln University and conditional offer from Liverpool John Moores University. Which I believe not so important to MARA as they didn't ask for offer letter (quote from MARA officer).

All of that is worthless now as I don't get any sponsorship to pursue my study. Frankly, I can't accept the result at first. I was crying like a baby. That night I have been thinking over and over again that maybe this is a sign from Allah. Maybe I have done something wrong. Teruskan bersangka baik. Allah has planned everything and it all written in Luhz Mahfuz way long time ago.

Then, little by little I realized that this is a lesson and I shall learn from mistakes. Thus, I shall note it down here as my future reference as well as to help others who intend to pursue study abroad.

There are MORE sponsorship agencies other than MARA.

I just know about them. It was silly decision to apply to only one, just MARA. Once I got rejected by MARA, then I try to look for alternative sponsorship. It was too late as all applications are already closed. Tons of sponsorship out there, either it is a loan or scholarship.

In short, here is a quite thorough List of Malaysia Sponsorship Agencies that can be found at Kementerian  Pendidikan Malaysia.

I wish all of you good luck for your future endeavors.

Salam Ramadan. Salam Nuzul Quran.

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  1. X pe syidah.. sabar.. please remember the silver linings.. ☺ yg dapat pon sbnrnya dugaan.. sending my warmest hugs!! #xoxo

    1. thank you ellyzza :) ada perancangan lagi better for me in future kan..
      not to forget, dapat kenal ramai org especially macam you yang very motivating tau..

      wishing you all the best.. hugs and kisses for you juga..