Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Talking to stranger

We may define stranger as people we meet on the street, at the mall..all sort of public spaces. Most of us don't likely to talk to someone next to in the bus, train or even surau because... they are stranger. Talking about negative thoughts, we see strangers such as immigrants, tak-jawab-salam-dosa-men, bald men, like totally dangerous (I'm hating the fact that I'm really scared walking alone in daylight with immigrants all around in my OWN country).

Ok, back to the topic..have you ever talk to stranger? like.."I love your bag..nice shoe.." Well, I had..once as I remembered. It was night, on train back to college, alone and I was dead sleepy and I don't want to miss the stop, so  I have to do something. Suddenly, out of nothing I've kinda talked to a woman across and said, "Hey, where did you get that bag. Its really cute" was just a plastic bag..plastic! She looked at me in puzzled and I can't recall what did she answered. I was embarrassed..but worth enough to keep awake the whole XD

But, have you ever thought talking to strangers online? Yeah, thanks to facebook. We seem to be less defensive in virtual world. With facebook, we chat, comment on wall, ___like this, poke! Can you imagine IF all these happen in real world. Let's start with poking shall we? hehe..kinda weird to poke someone we hardly know or... in another word, someone with no mutual friends listed right?..

Must be fun if we could just talk through someone's wall literally.. mine with facing brick..yours? painted in blue, nippon weathershield?

Ok...Let's start talking to stranger.. or smile! (by this, I didn't mean immigrants, tak-jawab-salam-dosa-men)
It does give you some sort of happiness when they smile back at you.. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It all started with letter 'y'

When I was a child, I just can't stop asking so many questions.

When I have learned alphabets and followed by spelling words, I started to read and wonder how to spell anything that came across my mind. There was one time, I let my mind confusing itself with how to spell vowels letters. Can you believe it? a, e, i, o, u...It's like the letter U, does it spelled 'yu'? and can you imagine how hard for me to spell 'w'? da-ble-yu? haha..

Ok.. Who does this? Anyone? gosh..I am absurd..

Old habits die hard, and it shows while I'm writing this first ever post (it's been 3 hours of typing and backspacing..and still counting..) I'm thinking too much.. I do need to learn grammar and writing..see! I can't sleep..

Maybe by writing out loud someone could cure my curiosity.. There are lots to be told...and wonder why :)