Assalammualaikum and hello lovelies :)

This should be short.

I still remember how I felt at school, when there's too many kids have the same name as mine. Rasyidah. Some got their name spelled differently with mine, Rashidah or even Shahida and still be called as Syida in short. Why people?

In addition to that, even teachers were confused on how to spell my name. It sounds simple but it's really important tau. I even got a name for my daughter or son. Kausar.  Take note people. Don't you dare. Ok. kidding. 

Let's start, I'm Rasyidah, with silent h. 25 years old who was born in March 1988. Happily married. Muslim. Love cooking, cats, playing games, neopets still my guilty pleasure. I really loves art, I do watercolour painting, graphic design, anything my hands could handle. Surprisingly I spend lot of my time awwing over intricate things and Ryan Gosling. 

Half of my life is about architecture. Ever since I've embarked in this new chapter, everything really matters to me.  I cannot stop criticizing. Which is, not good. I should be a cook, as I can eat a lot. It is true but I still love my job as Assistant Architect.

I wish blogging will help me on grammar and writing. Cliche. However, I still have high hope to productively write everyday.

I love knowing people. Yes, you. Do drop a comment. Will get back to you asap. That's all I think. Yay!

Have a nice day. 

It was short right..err...kan? 

Anything, just mail me at:

p/s: Pesta kata = sounds more like a food. Pasta. with kata-kata on top.

2 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. miya dtg melawat...
    perghh...english akak simple...
    suka baca...
    mcm ne nak jadi cmni erk??
    miya punya english mmg berteraburr...

    1. hai miya! ok flattered a bit..
      still learning juga. hari-hari dok baca buku english and try apply in writing as well as speaking.

      thank you so much for your feedack.
      at least kita tahu ada orang baca ni :D
      thank you so much.

      love love..