Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oh! Krabi, Thailand - 1st Day


Hello June semua!

Alhamdulillah. My husband and I finally got our passports stamped. Yeay! Krabi is our first place for holiday, together. Frankly both of us never been to anywhere outsides Malaysia. Pardon me if this going to be a simple guideline.

Flight was at 7.00am sharp (Malaysia time) and we arrived about 7.10am (Thailand time). Sekejap kan? Thailand is an hour late. So the flight took 1 hour and 10 minutes actually. Still sekejap juga. Make sure one of you set the time to local time.

During the flight, flight attendance will hand out a piece of form. It got two sections to be torn. Just isi and Thai Immigration will take one at arrival and the other one at departure.

Ini Airport nya. Comel je.

Airport Krabi

As this is going to be a budget vacation, we decided to take bus to Ao Nang. Only 150 baht per person. Compared with taxi, 600 baht for a car/minivan. We just saved 300 baht there tau. Even by bus, they will send you directly to your hotel front door. About 50 minutes from airport, we arrived at Ao Nang Miti Resort.

Aonang Miti Hotel

The hotel was booked earlier through agoda. The price per night is quite cheap and consider it just open last December, we just got to try. I'll try to post just on the hotel later :). As we were there at 11am, the room is not yet ready. we were told to come back at 1 noon. Left the luggage at the hotel, time to run to the beach!

AoNang Krabi Map

Yes, literally we just walk to beach. Around 1.5 km in 20 minutes. Bought drink and biscuit at 7 eleven. Then walk again. Until we heard the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

Subhanallah! The beach is beautiful. Serene. Peaceful. There were not so many tourist that day. I knew it was low season, but the weather is really good tau. Sunny. but not hot.

Krabi Beach

So we spent an hour strolling along the beach and looking up for packages for activities right after that. Will write on this later. At 1 pm, by tuk tuk, we gone back to the hotel. Surprised, we fell asleep soundly.

Woke up at 5 pm. teruk kan. stomach starts grumbling and screaming for food. We were lucky that the hotel surrounded with lots of restaurants and stalls. Plus point. Chaba Kitchen, Ahud Seafood Restaurant and one that we dined in - Sareefah Corner.

Punya la laparkan. We ordered the cliche combo, white rice with tomyam and omelette. No sayur. No somtam as we were quite surprised with the price.  Tomyam kung is 120 Baht for small bowl. was worth it! There were squids, prawns, beef, and chickens, a lot! The taste is quite different. Spicier than our tomyam and not manis like usually cook here. Squid was tastier than ever. I can still taste them in my mouth. Nyum. Oh! recommended: please try their orange juice. They use the green oranges, one we call Limau Madu here.

After the meal, trying to burn all the fat, we continued walking down to the beach front. Strolling along the road, checking out prices for souveniers.

At 10 pm, on our way heading back to the hotel it was the starting point of us got addicted to banana pancake. for mere 20 baht for it, it was so crispy and oily juga.. but we were greedy, added chocolate n nutella some more. 110baht for 2 pancakes n strawberry smoothies.

At 11pm watched some thai tv programme, we fell asleep, with our full stomach. Yea, kinda keep it for tomorrow energy la.. hehe..

Can't wait for Oh! Krabi, Thailand - 2nd Day :)

Oh! Krabi, Thailand - 2nd Day
Oh! Krabi, Thailand - 3rd Day
Oh! Krabi, Thailand - Expenses

--- Please ensure that after immigration check, which is before boarding, there's a  counter to verify your tickets. Please do. This is important as Air Asia's Thailand is very strict about that. You don't want any trouble at departure.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Less than a month to go for Ramadhan

10 July Insyaallah, all of Muslims will start fasting.

Just a reminder to me to stop worrying on stuff.

Stop panicking on
- what to eat, where to break fast
- have you prepare your new clothes for eid
- what cookies you're gonna made
- where to celebrate eid

Let's start thinking on
- is it just fasting from eating, shouldn't it be more than that
- what have you prepared for it
- will you be able to perform tarawih at night
- how you'll spend this barakah month
- could you finish the Quran in a month
- will you be able to see Ramadhan again

I should start thinking all of masa cepatnya berlalu kan.

plus, yeay for first time fasting as a wife and hopefully i won't miss any sahur. Thank God I have my sayang, as he is a morning person. hehe  :D

ps: Jangan lupa ganti puasa tau.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ada Apa Dengan Bag Saya?

Assalamualaikum. and hello semua.

Dah lama sudah tak sertai segmen dari blog lain. Semalam jalan-jalan, jumpa blog yang hebat ni tau. Cuba lihat lukisannya pun dah cukup. Comel ok.  hehehe...  

sila jenguk blog Tangan Punya Kerja

Jadi, bercadang untuk sertai segmen Faten Osman ni. Apa dalam beg anda?  (tajuk berbunyi lebih kurang 'Ada Apa dengan Cinta' pula kan) Pernah terfikir nak tulis tentang ini. Jadi inilah peluangnya. 

Jadi...jom mula!

Ini adalah  barang-barang yang dibawa setiap hari ke kerja. Kira ringan walaupun berterabur kan di dalam. Ini tak termasuk bekal yang oversize atau sayur, jem, coklat serta syiling yang sering dicampak ke dalam. hehehe.... jadi ini adalah ringkasan.

1. Purse - yang sangat nipis hinggakan ramai menganggap saya membawa note II. Kelasss kan?

2. Phone - ya.ungu warnanya. limited edition...kot. hehe...lupa. yang penting keypad nya sedap.

3. Pencil Case - dari zaman sekolah tak tukar-tukar dan sering menarik perhatian ramai untuk buka semua zip. Mungkin mereka berharap buka zip lain jumpa barang lain. hehe..

4. Organizer/Diary - yang sangat nipis juga. terpaksa tulis kecik-kecik. 

5. Novel - Fixi yang sedang dibaca. tebal! Tapi best la. Dalam train boleh lupa lah nak duduk.

6. Nota - ini untuk conteng-conteng tujuan sebenar. Tapi dah jadi catatan kerja.

7. Kunci - kunci rumah, keychain my boss bagi. Sweet kan?

8. Barang Dandanan 
-    Vaseline : untuk bibir yang kering. besar ok. nak beli yang tube, mahal.
-    Bedak : inilah semuanya, muka, badan, kaki punya bedak. Tak reti pakai bedak 
              lain. Baby powder je ok. Smooth la kan. Feeling baby.
-    Tissue : mengelap apa patut.. Percuma jika menderma.
-    Cream : untuk kaki yang gatal-gatal. sapu je hilang. Hilang gatal, bukan 
              hilang kaki.

9. Kad-kad penting
-      Touch n go untuk cepat. 
-      Pas Ktm : tidak lupa. hari-hari nak bawa. Sila pastikan ini dibeli murah 
                   sempena kad diskaun ktm tau. Half price pula. Jimat.

Hooho..Tahniah kepada semua. Terima kasih kepada penganjur atas segmen ini.

Bag telah berjaya dikemas...esok nak kerja.

Good Night semua! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wedding in 1, 2 and 3


It takes a lot of urge to write up everything about my wonderful wedding. Yes. Since February, 10th. I keep wishing my blog would update by itself.

Let's start with the title, I was thinking ''It's a wrap!'' ''God, I'm married!'' ''Here's my ring'' Jelly me please'' ''Married and I'll get preggy'' so, in the end it is just as above.

In all, there are 3 dream-like receptions. I feel it was just a dream to me. Everything happened so fast than I think it should.

Photos credit to Farhana Yusof and Animan

I'm really grateful with Allah's blessing bestowed, everything happened smoothly. Yeay! Most of the preparations were done by my family. From kenduri, food and drinks, decoration and much much more were done by them. Huge thanks to my lovely families!

On the other side, as the bride, I was responsible with the look and  hantaran things. plus invites. Maybe next time, InsyaAllah, I'll post about my dresses..and they are up for rent tau..

Till then..see you love :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Chapter

Yey! Alhamdulillah. Married.. :D

Saturday, January 19, 2013

B for Busy

God! I miss blogging. I've made a promised before to keep on updating kan.

First of all, Assalammualaikum :) and good evening.

While it was 150 days to go before marriage, I was dying to write a post on 100 days..(did I?) . Guess what, now 21 days left. *scream*

Everything has been done according to the schedule (which was made last week). hehehe..Alhamdulillah. As I am tied to 9-6 working hour, nothing much could be done on night. As architecture field is stressful enough to force me to play games all night (excuse :3 je kan)..

Reminisce my life last year, I've never thought to get married this soon. I was posting about twilight, new resolution kan..not forget tons of posts with ryan gosling.. well, new resolution for this year..A good wife, a good companion to my dear husband-to-be.

Thank you Allah. Alhamdulillah.

I'm so happy :D