Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh! Krabi, Thailand - 3rd Day

Third Day
Activity booked : Kayaking and Elephant Trekking
Ao Thalane - Krabi
Price : 950 Baht / person (because of the low season)

Kayaking is least favourite activities among tourist, as beaches and fishes sounds more appealing. Yet we opted to do kayaking as we haven't done it before and the mangrove forest is remarkably beautiful. 

Early in the morning at 8.00 am, if I'm not mistaken we already arrived at Ao Thalane. It was nerve wrecking thinking if I able to do it without getting drowning. While our tourist guide / kayaking trainer told 3 of us, which include one Thai woman, how to row, safety issue as well as our route, I can hear my heart pumping as I was looking at what in front of us, the wide open river.

I have never been so close to the water surface, it felt like we were going to sink. I remember feeling nauseated looking at the deep green water and it was too late to turn back as we were already in the kayak. I've sat at front and my husband at the back. I looked at him and he was smiling like a boy. He was really excited to begin with and I was nervous. Not a good combination. So, he willingly to do all the rowing and let me get busy with camera to calm down :D Sweet kan? 

The kayaking started from a river to a mangrove forest and then towards an open sea. Actually, there was a lot of species we saw. Mostly small animals, insects and fortunately, no crocodiles or snakes (but I believe I saw one)

Can you spot a group of monkey? Most of the monkey here,they eat mangrove tree crab instead of fruits. Makan besar hari-hari diorg ni.

It was our first time kayaking and Ya Allah..what a very good workout. Perasan sikit jadi wonder woman time tu. Later that day, I felt that I had lost my arms due to muscle soreness. Nevertheless, it was a really memorable memory that we shared together. 

I've only managed to snap this photo while at the open sea. It was terrifying! The current Kencang? Berombak la sikit2.. We have to row twice harder as we need to row opposite direction of the waves. We saw a couple of senior people got lost at the open sea and I was afraid if we are going to drown, again. 

We can't believe that total time spent to complete the route tour was 4 hours! Sweat? Big YES. Kurus tidak..hehehe... Oh, that time, the tide was high as it was a full moon. So anyone going kayaking at Ao Thalane? Please ensure it full moon or otherwise you'll be kayaking on sand and mud. 

I'm not going to review our second activity on Elephant Trekking as I am so regret that I did. I saw a video on how they abuse elephants for the sake of tourism after we went to Krabi. Poor elephants :(

As a tourist, say NO to elephant manipulation. Stop animal cruelty now. 

Thinking to ride the elephant? Please think of this video. 

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  1. you give me ideawhat to do in krabi.
    plan to go there.
    I saw a crock behind your kayak!

    1. hahaa...janganla..takut ok.. they all dah pupus dr situ. hehe..used to be there, there is a cave called crocodile's cave. Lupa pula..

      I recommend u to stay there for a week. Please try semua activity and go to every island.