Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Drawing Dreams | MARA Psychometric Test


Just finished the test. *scream* I feel much more relief as it has been a while since I last sat for any exam. Actually, the best part of this year MARA test is it has to be taken online and anywhere that has net connection. Well, for me I was at home. TV was off, no music. Konon-konon nak fokus kan. 

So, today is the first day of the online test and there is no reference on how the test going to be. I have searched and asked few of my friends who had passed the exam last year but the format may not be the same. Found a blog, Let's Dream High that has the best explanation of the test for 2013. 

So, basically I'm not going to explain what was the test in detail. I just hope this brief post will help someone, at least to get better view of the test and get prepared, if any. 

As on MARA page as above, time given is 60 minutes to answer all 100 questions. There will be a counter on top of the page. The test consist of 3 sections; A, B and C. All questions are multiple answer questions. No essay, as last year. :D and no diagrams, just a schedule I think. Based on my test today solely, it was about 3 different aspects.

SECTION A : 32 q - Simple math, Logical thinking, Problem solving (in English)
SECTION B : 48 q - Personality (in English)
SECTION C : 20 q - General Knowledge of Malaysia and MARA (in Bahasa)

These are some type of questions that I've remember, roughly. Pardon if I'm wrong.

Simple math 
| Choose a number, add 11, subtract 13 out of it,...

Logical thinking
| There are 4 doors, which one is the door to freedom?
| A mother has 3 daughters, A and B, what her last daughter's name?

Problem solving 
| If an animal wanted to get across a river, what will it do?  

Personality test 
| Rate yourself from 1-5, ex: happy and cheerful person, always be on time, a good leader..

Malaysia & MARA 
| Penubuhan Malaysia, Perlembagaan, Mahkamah, Kementerian, Kesultanan, 

You might need 
- Sheets of paper
- Pen/Pencil
- Dictionary
- Calculator

I've answered all 100 questions in 56 minutes and don't have ample time to re-check all of my answers. Blame the counter as it was in red and making me panicked. haha..ok joking. Is it hard? Yes, part of it. You have to deal with time and be precise with the answer. Please bare in mind that lots of questions in part A is quite tricky. Some questions, had already stated the answer clearly, afraid you might misread the question. Plus, I find it hard as you have to click on everything and move from one page to page. 

Extra Tips
- I find it easier to read the answer first and then the question.
- Please read with careful the question. If you got confused, read it again.
- Some straight forward questions can be tricky. 
- I think it is better to be prepared for sections C.
- Read some info on Malaysia and MARA.
- Please be on time.
- Don't forget to doa and tawakkal.

Good luck everyone :)

p/s: I can't guaranteed if tomorrow's test going to be exactly the same as today. As well as, I believe the test is computer generated and might be different set of question for every applicants or at least for the day kan. 

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  1. thanks for sharing.. mine is to be tomorrow at 2pm.. i really hope i can scream like you too after that test!

    1. Salam Lokman, glad if you find it helpful. I was unprepared yesterday, memang cemas la menjawab. xada calculator, xada dictionary. ada phone je. stengah jam baru siap part A which is 32 questions kan lg 68 questions to go. Dah mcm lipas dah. hahaha..

      Good luck! I'm sure you'll be roaring instead of screaming.

  2. Thanks so much for this. Glad I chanced upon your blog today. I hope I do well tomorrow at 9. Cheers...and thanks again.

    1. Hi Syazni. Welcome :) I just thought I must share it. Wish u all the best dear.

  3. Saya spm leaver who will sit for the psychometric test on 16.4. .
    Agak2 sama tak??

  4. Im the spm leaver who will sit for the test on 16.4. .
    Agak2 sama tak dgn spm leaver ??
    Btw tq for info

    1. hai mc pex, honestly I don't know tau. Maybe plus minus lebih kurang and lain dari segi difficulty kot.

      Anything just pray. Good luck! :)

  5. good luck dear. do your best.. sat for the exam back in 2008 and got myself an offer letter. just wasnt being lucky enough to fly.. guess Allah has a better plan for me.

    1. Thank you CT..yup. 100% agree. rezeki daripada Allah. I pun leave everything to Allah.