Friday, March 7, 2014

Oh! Krabi, Thailand - 2nd Day

Second Day
Activitiy booked : Island Hopping
Bamboo Island - Viking Cave - Monkey Bay - Maya Beach - Phi Phi Island
Price : 100 Baht / person (because of the low season)

I should have wrote this a long time ago. So pardon my memories, everything seems hazy now. Might mixed up with angan-angan or exaggerated feelings. We were at Krabi from 22 May till 25 May 2013. So, I really wanted to go for snorkeling. Yes we did, but only once. The girl maybe had misinformed us that every island we will have lots of time to do our own activities and snorkel all day long. It was too good to be true, but we had booked it anyway and put our expectation too high. So just don't repeat my mistake ok ladies.

My camera didn't do justice to the scenery. It was quite a paradise back there! The water was so clear that you even can see your own feet.

Last stop was Phi-Phi Island. It is the most developed island. Overpopulated maybe. I was quite surprised as the island has a lot of things, hotels, restaurant, shops and tons of activities.


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  1. u.. i lagi 2 weeks nak pegi krabi! omg! c.a.n.t.i.k!

    1. waahhhh...u should bring really good camera. waterproof better. I masa tu nyesal bawa camera compact yg so-so je. xbanyak dpt ambil gambar. don't forget to bring adapter. sebab nak charge. plug pin dia lain.

      and rasa nk pergi lagi...cantik ok.. i recommend just go island je. anything dekat land mostly sama mcm malaysia je.

      have a nice trip dear <3