Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 7 - Urban legends

Assalammualaikum and hi all!

It's Friday 13th! Woo...
My first thought is always..

Oh my! The creepy murder going to kill everyone on Friday 13th!

Friday 13th occurs at least once and mostly 3 times in year (Oh God, there will be more slashing to happen..kidding!) It is just a superstition that day to be unlucky.. I haven't encountered any on that day, or yet, today. If it happen, it will be just coincidence (optimist! hehe..)

So, I was wondering how paranoid we are in these days and age. Maybe the Friday 13th was invented just for fun, to scare kid. Maybe it's just like our Malay superstition, 'Do not go out during Maghrib (dusk), or else momok (ghost) going to catch and hide you' I do believe in some superstition and I can be sure, I am a total paranoid freak.

Picture these,
  • Taking shower whenever there's no one else home and thinking someone with knife is coming to stab you. 
  • Waking up at 4 am in the morning, and thinking someone going to break in and thinking what you should do. 
  • Prefer to walk into kitchen for a drink in the dark as you wouldn't want to see something horrifying if you switch the lights on. 

I was a brave kid back then. Horror film? meh..Child's Play was my favourite movie and I watched it with my eyes wide open!

Ok..The poster just scared the crap out of me.. What happen to me nowadays?

Picture these,

Alone, still struggling to finish some works while others sleep soundly, I heard an aerosol spray can fall. One that I left outside early that evening.. Ahh..cats! Next thing in the morning, my friend's phone was missing! Who did that? The one that tumble down the aerosol spray can! The robber (s) could have been inside our home, took the phone, saw me still awake and ran away!. Something could happen to me!

Once, at midnight, at my friend's house, I was going to bed and somehow I felt like to close the window blinds. While I do that, I was staring blankly to the backyard which is adjacent to a neighbour house. All I can see was darkness. Nothing. Next thing in the morning, my friend told me that the neighbour house (the one that I looked at last night) was robbed! and footprints found in my friends backyard and it happened at the midnight! Gosh..I could have seen the culprit crossing the backyard! I was so scared.. Something worse could happen to me! I can't even imagine it.

Yes, true story.

I'm still paranoid. Scelerophobia. Fear of burglars. 

Hope you guys have a nice weekend!

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