Friday, May 16, 2014

Faith Friday : Al-kahfi

Truthfully, I didn't know about the sunnah of reciting al-kahfi during Friday. During boading school, we recited Yassin every Friday. It's was like a weekly routine and I got used to it.

I hope everyone know about this fact, why we have to recite al-kahfi.

There are 4 trials that can be learned from al-kahfi and Subhanallah, solution on how do we survive can be found in surah al-kahfi too. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 24 - Don't take this for granted

Have you watched the video? I feel so sad to realize how badly technology has been affecting us. We spend too much time everyday looking down at our phone. It's kind of depressing to see it affecting not just grown-ups but kids. I mean, do we have to keep kids quiet by giving them those devices? There is a lot of ways to keep them entertained and quiet, right?

Born in late 80's, I am so grateful that I had a chance to play outside, enjoy the sun, climbing trees and got hurt and I don't care. Compared to kids nowadays, they always inside playing games, online. Some got addicted to it and just don't care what happened around them.

Disconnected. Which explain my current life. Oh well, talking about I am writing virtually. Using the net. 

The thing is, I had lost my samsung galaxy note last two months due to mainboard failure. In order to replace the mainboard it will cost me a fortune. RM300-450++. So my smartphone are not smart anymore. Dead. haha...

So now, I am lucky as my previous phone nokiaE72 is still functioning. Wait, it is consider as smartphone as I can still whatsapp and email.:D On positive side, it doesn't need charging frequently - the battery can last up to a week and making me less dependent on the phone. On the other hand however, I kind of missing my note :( Frankly, breaking up with your loyal companion is hard.

  • Common problems, lost all phone numbers that aren't attached to the sim phone book. Sorry people if I don't have your number. Besides, I also lost important dates such as birthday.
  • My E72 has no apps that could distract me all day long. No more games, candy crush, guess the emoji. I only has solitaire and block cascade installed, which is factory default setting.  Not to forget, instagram, facebook or twittter. I have to log in on computer to access social media and for sure I am malas to do so. I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this. 
  • In addittion to the apps, I lost count of my period calculation. I was counting from the apps and never ever note it down on paper. Talking about too dependent on technology. I should have wrote it somewhere or ask my husband to remember it for me. I also forgot how many days left to ganti puasa :(
  • I shall mention my dead note special function. It lets you taking notes easily, making to-do list, stylus pen, s planner, 8mp camera, huge screen and the list goes on. It a lie if I didn't think of getting those shiny-new-launched-golden note 3. Always a dream. 2k ++ seems out of my monetary budget at the moment.
  • Lastly but most important, I don't have the access to Al-Quran 24/7. I really missed it though. Really. It was convenient apps ever. I can just read it anywhere with just one click away. I love the translation, I love that we can scroll down and do search findings on surah. Bookmarking important ayat and access it instantly. Also I can learn proper recitation of ayat. I am so sad. This is the best part of having smartphone :( I am shame to admit that it is hard for me to bring the book of Al-Quran anywhere I go. Let not discuss the excuses. I shall start to do so though.

Can you live without your smartphone?