Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flowers and Names

Assalammualaikum and Happy Merdeka.. 

This is random. Thinking about girls' name and how they got their names. 

There are phase or trend in giving name to newborn kan... From what my mom had said, my name was from the trend of 'nor', 'nur', 'noor', or 'nurul'. Same goes to all of her daughter.. There are trend of 'siti', follows with modern names like 'natasha' or 'daniel' for the boy and now, I've seen some really exotic name from arabic words like 'talhah', 'razan'.. Malays are really rich in culture. We are molded by surrounding environment I suppose.  

So lately, I've been watching a lot of old/classic movies and amazed with their names. Kuntum, Melor, Kundur, Tanjung .. Names that are not so in the trend nowadays..

Imagine if I would name my daughter...
Okay, 'kantan' wasn't bad kan?
"Kantan! Wake up, breakfast ready" hahaha..

and no, I'm not pregnant. hehe...

Wishing you guys happy weekend :)

6 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. I had a classmate who was named Melur, her older sister was Mawar.

    I'm more into ... unique story book kind of name. The trend now is ultra modern or ultra traditional names.

  2. hanis! oh my, really? i don't have any friends whose named from flowers..

    and yes. couldn't agree more. it's really extreme nowadays in giving name kan..

  3. orchid is cute !! teringin nak letak nama anak orkid..klasik gitu :)

  4. hai liza... kannn.. it's really classsic. and sounds like pure and suci..hehe..

  5. Another thing is the way they spell the name, like:


    just to make it unique. xD COnfusinggg.

  6. Hahaha..Hanis.. That is so true. That is the most trendiest to date. Like Khayri'yah.with apostrophe some more.