Monday, August 25, 2014

Segmen Blogwalking : When I was a Kid by Aina Akmal

aina akmal when i was a kid

This is so awesome. As you may know, there are few posts I wrote about when I was a kid..

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When I was a kid : I was a math genius

I like reminiscing the playfulness, keceriaan, how free I was as a kid. It was so joyful.

Here top 5 things to summarize, a comparison of as a kid and an adult (konon la dewasa kan)

  • I don't have to work - no need to worry about money.
  • Everyday was scheduled- school, mengaji and tuition. I never think what shall I do next.
  • I can eat whatever I want. Now, I am allergic to artificial colouring and flavouring. Made my lips swollen or gatal-gatal. I can't eat sos cili, those yummy colourful gummy, carbonated drink, colourful cakes..but on the other side, I get to practice to eat healthily and home-cooked meal is the best choice.
  •  As a kid, I believe many of us has that limitless energy right? from sunrise till was playing time all along! Ya so sooo luxurious the time back then. Now, everything is so hustle and bustle, so busy and really stressful kan. Everyday is about money, work, money, work.. at night, we are just flat. Even at afternoon, sometimes I feel sleepy.
  • Lastly, gender issue - girls or boys - we played together, (batu seremban, gasing, panjat pokok, monopoly). It was a platonic relationship kan. I really like that kind of relationship. No intimidating each other, no gender biased and I don't have to worry boys gonna harass me or something. It was pure joy. 
Thank you Aina Akmal for this segment! Please join this awesome segment okay.

love love love..

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  1. Bila dh makin besar ni. Makin banyak tanggungjawab yang nak dipikul. Uhuk.

    Thanks for joining.(*^▽^*)
    Happy Blogwalking! :)

  2. Selamat bersegmen..dari segmen yang sama..jom singgah blog saya

  3. singgah dari segmen yang sama :)

  4. singgah dari segmen yang sama :)

  5. Nice :)

    Blogwalking dari segmen yang sama :)

  6. serious betul.. dulu tahu main-main and then tidur ahahhaha..

    datang dari segemn yg sama :)

  7. dari segmen yang sama.. good luck dear ~ :)

  8. hai.. selamat bersegmen..

    singgah dr segmen yg sama..

  9. salam... singgah dari segmen yg sama.. Good luck!

  10. Although my childhood is not that awesome but I still prefer the time back.. now as a student it's kinda stressful but very fun.. much more fun than the childhood memories but the thing is I get enough of sleep back then T_T I wonder what will happen when I start to work :3 xD

  11. these r the reasons why childhood is the best era evah :D

    CT datang singgah sini.. Maaf lambat baru ada masa menjenguk..
    Done follow sini lama dah..
    Jemput singgah -- When CT Was A Kid

    Jemput Singgah :D
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