Friday, August 15, 2014

Faith Friday : Sembah

I'm sure that everyone had gone through this kind of situation. 

"Ah...pakai tudung tapi baju sexy"
"Okay la.. She prays 5 times a day, though she's not covering her aurat "

Conflict sangat and it has wrongly be a norm these days. 

Instead of questioning about other people, we should ask ourselves first - Do you obey Allah? or do you obey Allah in certain times only? Like in masjid, while reciting the Quran or fasting in Ramadan. 

It is kinda confusing what our culture has made us, building up walls dividing custom and religion. I've seen people that perform Jumaat prayer, but not daily prayer. They think Jumaat prayer is just a custom/tradition. Same goes with wearing telekung to prayer (covering aurat) but still wearing tight clothes outside of prayer.

Custom/tradition here means what others usually do. Even it is wrong in religion teach, people would take it likely. Dosa. Again, is this normal? 

There are two different things. Sembah which is means worship or obeisance, while sujud literally means prostration. Sembah dose not strictly define as ibadah only. Sembah is taat, obedience. In fact, we should obey to Allah not only in prayer, nor only while sujud. It is beyond that. We should obey to Allah every single breath we take, eating, talking, walking, driving and even sleeping. 

That leads to my question, why we don't obey Allah outside of prayer? 

2 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. manusia claim taat pada Allah, tapi tak ramai yang benar2 lakukannya, kan??
    -termasuk empunya diri-

    1. betul. reminder to myself too. selalu nak buat jahat, teringat tentang taat Allah. jadi takut.