Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why Wednesday : Cat versus Human

I love this site, catversushuman by Yasmine Surovec. It is so hillarious! It tells stories about her life with cats in comic strip. Who doesn't love comic right?

If you love cats... well, you should love cats! no excuse..haha.. catversushuman is the best site I have ever been. Made my day. I can't stop lol-ing.

Here are my favourite:

I'm totally a cat people.

I always falls for it too. I think my cats are crazy over food.

My mom allergic to cats and cats always looking for her, meowing like crazy.

Like a scratch post to them..

For more laughs, head over to catversushuman okay. 

p/s: This post dedicated to you, my naughty-adorable-muchi-muchi-mew-mew cats. In case my cats can read this. 
there ---> my elsa and persie on istagram.

4 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. i really wanted to have a cat but my mum is allergic to them. too bad :(

    1. awww..sedih.. my siblings and I used to sneakily brought cats into our house, while our mom went to work. but as always she knows everything we tried to hide.

  2. Salam...haaaaaa sy tau jugak and selalu baca komik2 dia buat..mmg sgt kelakar, comel dan betul sgt2..haha seronok bace..mostly kucing dia buat, mmg sama dgn kucing sy...mana yang sengal, yang bengong, yang comel semua ada persamaan..hihi..xsangka dgn cara komik cmtu boleh kumpul ramai peminat then boleh buat duit..heaven rase, haha~

    1. heaven terlampau! best sangat.. kerja benda yg kita suka saja.. dengan kucing-kucing ni semua kelakor kan..