Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 3 - Favourite Childhood Book

Hi there :)

Yeay! It's Day 3.. My favourite childhood book.

Well, we always reminiscing our lives that we had,either the good one or bad one. Always. I keep reminding myself not to feel sorry for what had happened. (Why do I sound so serious? )

Ok..what's the topic again? My favourite childhood book :D   hehe..I was reading the book again and tons of memories came back into my mind and made me crack a smile.

Oh! Cendawan by Norsiah Babjee

I'm quite a fan of children style art

I still feel the same of excitement while reading the book, Oh! Cendawan (Oh! Mushroom). I'm sure every kids have flip through this wonderful book. Simple story with colourful pictures, will put anyone under a spell.

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  1. aww that looks like a really cute book, great blog you have!