Monday, August 15, 2011

MasterChef // Spot-on!

Phew..what a start! After the heat for tonight MasterChef US Premier Gala show, I just can't wait for next week episode. Truth be told, I think chef Gordon Ramsay is quite...I don't know the right word for it... but I love the way he treated all the contestants with respect and his honesty on commenting the contestants' signature dishes.

I was impressed with the dishes prepared by these amateur and home cook. Oh, there is an architect..she want to pursue her dreams in cooking as she did not satisfy with her current job..ohh..architect!

Warning: Continue reading at your risk. If you are hungry, craving, delusional or anxiety disorder and prone to break your fast,  we suggest you turn back now :) hehe..
Stuffed Mushroom Ala Thai with Spicy Cold Soup
I wish I was one of the contestants, and amaze them with Malay Cuisine. Maybe ketupat, rendang tok, lemang...wait..nampak sangat nak raya ni.. hehe..

Ok..Maybe as a signature dish, I would opt for my favorite Malay dish, Bihun Kari, Satay dan kuah kacang, Nasi Lemak or Ween! Laksa Sarawak..right right? boleh la nak berangan seperti di sebelah ini.. (read: Ala Thai..chida?? Malaysia Truly Asia yaw!)

Red Velvet 
Oh, by the way..I hope...really realy hope that MasterChef Malaysia will be as good as US and Australia..please..

Wonder what kind of invention test could it be..mystery box must be brilliant! Our first ever Malaysia's MasterChef! Please do not let me google it up..please.. ok I just did! : D

No, I didn't find who the winner is..Here some photos from the audition that was held last April and...the show will probably start in October!

Chocolate Almond Toffee Bar
Chicken Leg with Beetroot Lime Sauce
Meringue Tart, maybe?

Not sure, Roasted Chicken and Salad?
Enough said. Wish all of the MasterChef Malaysia contestant best of luck.
Happy Fasting people..15th day of Ramadan..  

p/s:Actually for Raya, I wish there are more more our traditional biscuits than the modern one. How I love Biskut Makmur inti jem nenas! Usually I found Makmur with ground nuts fill. I shall upload the recipe soon, right?   

official website Astro here 
picture from Cherrylisz here 
picture of food from Official Facebook page here

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