Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Glee Project // Calling all gleeks!

My night won't be the same again from today on.. Its here, the Glee Project! Last night was a blast! Out of 40,000 applicants, only 12 are selected..

  The 12 contenders..guess which my fave is?
Maybe you'll be ''ugh..just another talent show..who cares..'' Well I do. I am a Glee fan and this Glee Project somehow an amazing addition to the series.

We can see what is behind the scene actually, who's the producer, choreographer, vocal arranger..Plus each of the contenders have their own story and they are so unique..

The winner will be feature in 7 episodes of Glee, season 3.. and acting with other Glee casts okay! wohoo! Okay.. Let the pictures tell all the story..

The first assignment 'Individuality'
Come on, let your colors burst
Video making for firework number. Do check out the video here

Looks like they're having fun, right? I'm amazed with how they want this badly but still enjoy what they're doing. Wish I can sing.. I'm a bad singer, believed me.. I even got some advice on not to swallow my words while talking by an English teacher.. ea, how possible for me to sing then? not even karaoke..haha..

The "most likely to be a nerd forever"
Lindsay: She's really pretty
Damian : He looks familiar right?

My favorite is the "most likely to be a nerd forever", Cameron Mitchell. Kinda nerd but very talented! Most likely one that already I can think of a character to be fit in the Glee show..a good looking nerd..possibly boyfriend to Brittany maybe..right right?

Please google up for more of their details. Jangan malas..  

See ya!

all photos are from oygen.com (via) except group photo (via)

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