Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY : Mason Jar Memories

Salam and hello everyone! 
It's Monday. Happy working :) The first day after a long break of Chinese New Year.. 

For past few weeks, I've been looking for a birthday present.. maybe perfume, shirt or anything that money can buy. However, it was useless..I can't afford anything that sounds meaningful-affordable-yet-look-expensive things..

Thus, with empty pocket and tons of times I have, handmade gift would be the only amazing option left.

Presenting... *drum rolls*

Mason Jar Memories
Rate of difficulty is 2/5.

The hardest part was to do the drawing. Although you don't need impeccable drawing skills, I find that tracing (yes, traced) is quite hard. Well, I mean to get it looks as close as original picture.

Skip it and use photos if you want. 

Here are the steps:


and pack away..

Besides tracing photos on window panel, I just trace photos from laptop instead.
Add transparency sheet behind the paper, to ensure it fixed in place and as a protector I suppose.

inspired by: a beautiful mess//yearbook votive
source : photo displaytracing

5 covered in cookie crumbs: