Sunday, July 17, 2011

It all started with letter 'y'

When I was a child, I just can't stop asking so many questions.

When I have learned alphabets and followed by spelling words, I started to read and wonder how to spell anything that came across my mind. There was one time, I let my mind confusing itself with how to spell vowels letters. Can you believe it? a, e, i, o, u...It's like the letter U, does it spelled 'yu'? and can you imagine how hard for me to spell 'w'? da-ble-yu? haha..

Ok.. Who does this? Anyone? gosh..I am absurd..

Old habits die hard, and it shows while I'm writing this first ever post (it's been 3 hours of typing and backspacing..and still counting..) I'm thinking too much.. I do need to learn grammar and writing..see! I can't sleep..

Maybe by writing out loud someone could cure my curiosity.. There are lots to be told...and wonder why :)

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