Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 10 - Photos that makes you sad

gaza israel conflict
I am so sick with what is happening to humanity these days. You can't just simply go to someone's house and force them to get out from their own home and then claim that its yours. Motif ?

I saw a comment from this awesome Islamic comic, The Muslim Show. I shall share it here as it was beautifully explain :)

by HaSan MaRoof 
Please stand up for them for the sake of humanity. What is Gaza? 
Before you guys make any opinions about the conflict in Israel and Gaza. pls check these facts and figures:
1. Gaza was invaded by Israel in 1967 & ever since Israel is illegally occupying the whole of the Gaza strip.
2. Gaza is surrounded on three sides by Israel who has blocked all these three sides by Israeli army.& Navy. One side is border of Egypt where the Egyptian army along with Israeli & UN observers & monitors blocks the entry of any body from/to Gaza.Gaza is literally huge prison where not even a bird can enter without Israel’s permission.
3. Gaza has no sea port or airport or even a train station.
4. Gaza residents cannot leave Gaza as they don’t even have passports. Plus there are Israeli checkpoints at every place. Also no one from any country can enter Gaza without Israel’s permission which is impossible to get , forget about ordinary man even the top politicians of powerful countries had been denied entry in Gaza by Israel. Gaza is a place which is totally cutoff from the rest of the world.
 5. Each and every daily use commodities comes through these Israeli check points. Even the milk, wheat medicines all items come through these Israeli check points. Israel charge taxes on all the items witch goes through these check points.
6. Gaza is like a big jail. It is entire country under seize. Even inside Gaza Israel have several check posts at important junctions. The Israeli army harasses and humiliates Gaza citizens every day as the Gaza citizens cross these check posts.
 7. The UN has urged Israel numerous times to remove this illegal seizure of Gaza but Israel never listen to UN . More then 50 resolutions have been passed by UN against Israel but with USA always on its side so Israel just doesn’t care.
8. The food and essentials are always in short supply in Gaza as Israel delays, discourages and harass its imports in Gaza. Shops don’t have enough rations, hospitals don’t have enough and essential medicines. Power is in short supply, petrol and gas is in shortage too. The inflation is highest in the world in Gaza as a result of it. The poverty is rising at the highest rate also. The Gaza children’s are among the worst malnutrition children now. 
9. There are no specialized doctors or equipments to treat the serious injury or disease in any hospitals. Every now and then Israeli army bomb Gaza and the innocent civilians get hurt during bombing. These wounded civilians plead and beg in the check points to let them out for treatment but they kind Israeli army never let them. So the wounds which could have been treated become more severe and often the wounded becomes handicapped for the rest of their lives. 
10. Once a thriving society and rich people now have become beggars & prisoners in their own country. Can you imagine the trauma the humiliation the harassment the pain in the hearts of these people who have been invaded and made prisoners and slaves in their own country? 
They have been struggling for their independence since almost 50 years now. With each passing day Israel is constructing new settlements for its Israeli citizens in their land. With each passing day their hope of independence, a hope to live a normal life like any other human is fading away. Every night they sleep in pain and every morning they wake up with sorrows.
In the pretext of peace talks Israel actually is delaying their independence to capture more and more of their land everyday by constructing new Israeli homes and settlements. The Palestinians know this and they are watching it helplessly. Just like a goat watch the lion eats its children but can do nothing. They are shedding tears of blood. With Israeli soldiers harassing them , cursing them, abusing them mocking them, hurting them , killing them everyday in their very own land, all Palestinians can do is watch and cry. 
What suggestions do you have now? The western paid media is making & broadcasting news in such a manner that one should feel as if Gaza residence are the one who are occupying Israel and Israel is fighting for the freedom of itscitizen. So that people can only curse and blame Gaza residents. 
Can you try to feel their misery and helplessness? We can not even imagine spending even one day in the jail called Gaza and they are living there

After days of attack on Gaza, Israel calls for ceasefire. and then what? History proved that they can't keep their promise. I am sure they will continue killing all innocent Palestinian. 

They even blaming Gaza for not saying yes to ceasefire and continue bombing civilian areas as defenses. So sick! 

Our enemy is not the Jews, not the religion. Not Israel, the ethnic. Our enemy is the oppressor, the Israel Zionist. 

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