Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY : Carrot Favor

If you went to my sister's wedding, you should get this, if you are a children la. At first, we really wanted to give kids healthy favors. Unfortunately, I can't find any healthier and cheaper choice than this yummy super rings. Alasan.

I love its vibrant orange colour (not healthy juga all those food colouring) and it turned out great as a carrot-look-alike too.
Carrot Favor

We even made a white carrot. Keropok roda as the filling.

It was so simple to make this cute favor. Maybe you don't even need any tutorial. but...I made a tutorial already. So here, Carrot Favor Tutorial! 

DIY carrot favor
It is so simple right?

Unless you have to make 500 pieces of this babies. My hand was numb as pintal memintal using the twist tie was quite difficult. I had to take extra careful not to let the super rings got lemau. In case you don't have twist tie, just use cellophane tape or rubber band.

In short, these favors only cost us less than 40sen tau. Ok.. whose up for order?

Till then :)

4 covered in cookie crumbs: