Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mellow in yellow

Salam beautiful,

I find it's really hard, like remembering my home phone number, when thinking what should I wear tomorrow.

and it gets super hard when choosing what to wear with yellow outfits. It could be a fashion land mine!

Actually, yellow was the least favourite colour I would wear. Somehow now, it is one of my favourite. Despite my love/hate towards yellow, I do feel how it could brighten up mood, like a splash of sunshine..

I got one yellow skirt, really a bright shade, which I bought at a pre-loved party for RM25..a price you can resist kan. The truth is, I didn't think much on how to wear it actually that time. :L

Too much yellow could make people go blind I suppose..haha.. So here are some of my favourite how to look subtle when wearing yellow..

Yellow smells yummy to me. :9

Links to pictures can be found from my pinterest. 

2 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. The last three skirts are really beautiful, I love the look.

  2. Hi Tereza..gosh.. i really love those three skirts.. and the colours are amazing..