Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 8 - Your favourite outfit

Assalammualaikum and Hello lovelies!

It's been like nine months since I started this 100 day challenge, kan? and it supposes to finish last October, which is 6 months ago. tehee.. this really shows how good I am at planning while bad at doing it :L.

Now we come to Day-8!

Some called it second skin, and some just called it a human need. Fashion. Clothes. Outfits. I just consider it as physical statement. It shows how you feel inside, someway to express your inner thought. Come to think, I do own lots of red things compared when I was a kid..maybe it is a way to boost my confidence.

So, hello Day-8: Favourite outfit. This is hard. Favourite is subjective. As for now, there are no particular outfit that I like. So I go to what I usually wear.

I can proudly proclaim I am a vintage junkie. We usually call it bundle, used, second hand, thrift or pre-loved. But for me, it is beauty clothes without money burning while saving earth and being green. Wuuh...definition kan..

I love how simple it looks with subtle tailoring.. puff shoulder, lacy cutout and what I love most is its sleeve cuff.

I have friend that gets euww to pre-loved clothes, as it was wore by someone before. To be truth, I was extremely euww and blergh too.. So these had changed my perspective towards pre-loved items:

  • You hardly find, emm..I can assure.. you can't find anyone wearing same clothes as you. Which is embarrassing a bit kan?
  • Saving our environment. Imagine the production process. Starts from the thread, colouring and sewing process. All of the stages consume time and money. While you can opt for pre-loved clothes and save resources. 
  • Lastly, money! Pre-loved items could cost almost 1/10 of original price. Imagine RM100 could buy you 20 pieces of clothes :O Untung banyak di sini..

Yeay! Go green guys. You won't lose anything. You won't get AIDS wearing pre-loved items.

So here a picture of me happily wearing pre-loved clothes with 2 hours worth waiting Burger Bakar in hands .

Happy May everyone :)

p/s: For past few post, a lot of times taken to publish a single post. Well, I just couldn't write fast or else I'll sound like a maniac or drunk or somewhere in between the two..Maybe I'm going to skip the order, and write anything from the list.

Time will tell. :D

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2 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. Burger bakar :D Is it as good as I heard?

  2. Hi hanis! Yes, you should give a try.i love the taste of homemade juicy patty..

    Just make sure you're dead hungry,came early and willing to queue up for 1 hours++ :D