Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello 10.11.11!

Assalammualaikum and Happy Thursday! Malam Jumaat...wooooh..

Well, AGAIN..sorry...again.. (sounds better..:D) It's my first November post! and..Lets talk about November..

I'm sure all of us been waiting for's 11.11.11! Just another 3 hours 20 minutes to go (where I am). Everyone is hoping something special going to happen tomorrow, right? Some might giving birth (I've read they opt for caesarean), some might getting married and for me it's just a date..but still hoping..

  1. Wake up early - hope so..
  2. Clean teeth at all costs - totally!
  3. Taking long bath, pamper yourself 
  4. Have a cup of coffee - I love black coffee <3
  5. Create a recipe book - been cut and paste for past 2 days
  6. Watch again an old movie - thinking of The Wild Child (gosh..Alex Pettyfer..)
  7. Cook or bake something simple - maybe some triffle
  8. Plant a tree -, water a tree :D 
  9. Read again an old book - any book with10 pages full of colours!
  10. Go to bed early - 1 am is early right? 
  11. Forgive everyone for everything - and please forgive me too :(

Tomorrow, please be awesome (^^)/

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