Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I find men attractive..

Salam and hi all..Its wednesday! and it is the last day of November. (Happy Bday to my dearest sister, Farhana)..

Talking about men, I'm sure some may have notice how's the trend of fashion going on around men. Well, I do somehow spot and kind of curious about them!

Robert Pattinson, Ed Westwick, Cameron Mitchell and..the band, Foster the People has my eyes glued for more than a minute..For sure, I'm not an expert on fashion topic, but I'm here to share with all of you...


These are cute!

1. Cuff pants

2. Plus the oxford shoe


3. and espadrilles shoe

Bye for now :D

pictures taken from twentytwentyeight, nordstromfashioner and google.

5 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. haha Farid cakap those oxford shoes look weird kalau seluar tu lipat singkat macamtu. tapi! i think its very styloooo and lain dari lain :P

  2. @nad : kan! hehehe...tho xpatut pakai oxford sockless, tp cool sgt.. ok nak cari oxford satu..

    @sue: hai sue!! comel kan?

  3. shidahhh, sooo likeeee syukri shairi!!! haha

  4. hehehe...ok..I have to confess..sebab syukri shairi saya terpanggil untuk buat entry ini..hoho..


    nak teka siapakah anonymous ni?..