Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 20 - You make me feel so 'mahtava'

Finally, my day 20! Ok ok..well..I just skip to Day 20 for this post..Because yesterday, something made me laugh really really hard..totally make me feel so 'mahtava'.

The title actually from one of candy chan's project. Mahtava is a first Finnish word she learn, which is means 'awesome' (yeay! a new word added to your dictionary!) and yesterday, I feel so awesome!

I was bored, and than something came up... actually it came up from last-midnight-online-tv-drama, Si Tudung Tweet..some of you might watched it last 2 weeks..  It was hillarious! I was laughing out loud during the scene of 'namakan filem dengan zubaidah'.. so I just came up with this game, namakan tajuk filem dengan 'someone's name here'... hehe..which is inserted someone's name in the film tittle..

Lets take a look what my friends and I have done..

So we pick syafiqah, our dearest lovely friend to be the well get the limelight starring in those movies...Just look at comments we got! wooot..238 comments! I never ever got that huge amount of comments..and here some my personal favourite 'new film title' starring syafiqah as herself! Love!..

Ok..thats just a few of it..and I just can't stop laughing..It's funny.. and we also use some tv shows we  ran out of film title..

Mahtava! See you :D

p/s: we didn't intended to offend anyone..sorry if there's any :(

2 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. hahaha.. boleh pulak ada muvie nama syafiqah.. @~@

  2. Hi! thank you for dropping by!
    hehehe...kelakar kan? you should try tau buat and start gelak-gelak tanpa henti...