Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh! I like that // So going to make these..

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! 
How was your weekend? Must have been awesome! Fun Fun Fun...

I do have formula for a perfect weekend actually.. 
Wake up early + Good food + Long laugh= P E R F E C T 
As long as I got these 3, everything will be fine :D and if it's raining outside..total will be = extra perfect! (I love rainy days, stay at home, cold weather, the smell after rain) ..Now you know, please take me out on weekend and do all the 3 things together!

However, for past 2 days I was obsessed with DIY and been crawling, guling-guling around and hurting my eyes intentionally while browsing for the best DIY..I can't wait to start to make one of these beauties!!

These button are made from shrink plastic! I didn't know we can actually made buttons ourselves..If only I knew it earlier, I could've been rich by making these cute babies..or I just can start now? hmm...*wink* 

Oh well..and..As a sub for shrink plastic #6 plastic could be use..the one that has a symbol of triangle mark with number 6 inside it. Usually use as container for fruits or sotong kering bergula..heheh...

Number 2 & 3 are using doily.. I really really really...really love doily. Crochet. Lacy things! It looks complex, refine, delicate and hard to make..Love! Looks like I have to get my mom willingly to give one of hers crochet doily to turn into bowl..hehe...

This screams CHIC and VINTAGE! *faint* plus, it's unbelievable easy to be done. Maybe one feature wall shall be great while a whole room painted in this, could make you dizzy I guess.

Some ideas to brighten up your room with this colourful garland..or even my blog.. Paartyy! and next time for a Birthday  party, house warming or even Hari Raya I'm going to have one of this garland. (I love the pom-pom!)

I've got so many flowers on my graduation day, and it was amazingly beautiful. It wasn't expected by me as I was shaking and nervous to get up on stage (almost crying). End up, I don't have any space to put all those flowers properly. I bet these crafty idea will be the solution. Floating..save up space! and looks like a painting..and painted jars in white..will make the whole look so adorable..and English!

I just got myself a skirt last month, preloved, mustard yellow, still in good shape and for just RM20..Oh my..How could I resist that? but wait, it's a bit short and I thought meh..wouldn't be a problem :/ To my horror, back at home, it is far too short than I thought..it is just below the knee..I can't figure out how do I wear it..with pants underneath? legging? meh...will make me looks dowdy.. :(

Thus, a big thanks for the invention of high waisted! For making my legs look longer and solved the problem..hehe.. So, all I need is to to add an extension at the waist part..tadaaa..Hello high waisted maxi skirt!

Thanks to the awesome tutorial by Kelly Crawford. It shows how-to-make the high waisted part. The tutorial actually shows how to make a high waisted knee length skirt. Do check it out.

That's all for my second post of the month!! Wehoo..Hope you guys check all those tutorial out.. and post back any projects you've tried..

Good Luck!

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  1. love love love that polkadot skiirrrt!

  2. kan? cuteness..hehehehe.. ween please buat satu...