Sunday, March 25, 2012


I love how smiles can be depicted in many ways. 

Some are sweet, adorable, funny, some are just.."u uh..did you just smile or you just hold in a sneeze" ..haha...ok, the later is me..true story.. Of course I do look stupid while trying not to sneeze out loud..ehem ehem.. I don't care.. as long as I made someone laugh or smile, then it's okay lah..

I love to smile. I could be called as kerang busuk, I don't care. How I wish that everyone love to smile too..

Here is my story,  it happened as I was on my way to perform asar prayer at masjid negeri. A women in purdah passing by and then smiles at me. Even with half her face covered, I know she's smiling just from her eyes. I was amazed..

That had made my day and regains my faith in strangers. It's really hard nowadays to be smiled back and not to mention greetings, salam

Happy weekend everyone :D

p/s: picture tidaklah beragak..fazura juga sebagai contoh kan..

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