Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh! Hi Strangers :D

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...and hello!

Due to new changes of daily schedule, this blog currently left frozen..

Oh! Before that, Congrats to me for surviving first 10-days of working..yeay! and within short period of 10 days, I just figured out few definition of strangers could mean for me.  

This new experience is just like getting on board a new ship. Meet the new captain and new crews.. at first, yeay! meeting new strangers and now I just realized, that it is me the stranger, not them. I'm the one who new on the ship and it's me who responsible in making the first step.

Gap I had in between jobs has made me an awkward person in socializing. I'm too worried if I'd make any mistakes. Trying to fit in..  Bad enough..I can't simply saying thanks, please or hi..what a way to start a job, sigh.. I don't know. I'm confused and I shouldn't rant on my blog..but I can't stop blaming myself :L

Somehow, I realize that, a stranger actually not really a stranger in architecture world..  Sharing same memories, sharing same friends.. Everyone is related.  New fact learned is, all the things seniors have told to us are scarily true.. architecture is really a small world. You'll bump into people whom actually related to you. Worse, the one you've been frenemy to or hardly talk to and now you'll regret it happened..

Another part of me is thankful to meet strangers. Simply from strangers, now we're getting to know each other. New friends are the best thing I could ask for. I never thought the whole process could be THIS fun! (insert me dancing wildly).. Thank you :)

Fact : I'm really good at remembering faces and bad with names..numbers, maths, history.. Oh God! I'm really bad at lots of things..haha.. Note to all who knows me, I love you guys! Please love me back.. Even I hardly know your names :)


p/s: Page views exceeding 1000! Thank you :D

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