Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 movies you should have seen

Assalammualaikum and happy sunday!

What a good way to start a new year?

Well, besides the new year resolution, getting new things, new job, (yes I do need a job right now)..please take a break and watch (again) these 2011 great movies!

So here are my 10 best movies for this year..

1. Limitless

2. Super 8

3. Rio

4. Real Steel

5. Source Code

6. Pirates of Carribean : The Stranger Tides

7. I Am Number Four

8. Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn - part 1

9. 50 / 50

10. Hugo

From the list, I guess you would already know that I'm a huge fan of sci-fi, action and thriller. I do love other genres, exceptional to horror or gross movies! eww..I'm not brave enough to watch it alone.. it's possible.. if I watch  it with my bunch of friends and my hands on face..hehe...

See you!

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  2. Hi Polly!

    Aww..thank you so much! *blushing*
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