Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wedding : Kraft Craftty

Hello December!


I believed I've got a lot of things to be written here. Wedding? Life? Inspirations? Maybe it's too much.

I'm going to choose the main priority.

MY WEDDING INVITES! (*yes, screaming*)

and these beautiful save the dates aren't mine.

It's been a while. A month or two. I haven't got it on paper. Changing everything, going back to the previous, change it back. A process that I couldn't get tired of, but wasting the time left. 2 months plus minus before the solemnization :O

source : my pinterest
and here my drafts! tadaaa...

Which one will I pick?

4 covered in cookie crumbs:

  1. The last oneee. Chooose the brown one. Haha. My classmate's sister is getting married this month and the invitation was so pretty. It was all in English, and you pulled out the card from the top, it has its own like, special envelope with the couple's name at the front. Its cream with borders of pink and green small flowers.

    Yes, I need to describe it more but xD The only thing I remember is that she had it made at or something. Maybe you can look there for more inspiration. But, that brown draft is pretty.

  2. Hey Hanis! Hello!

    You're really good at describing. What I've imagine, it must be beautiful as pastel-like macarons. yummy.

    See, all I can imagine is food.

    Thank you hanis for the link, i'll take a look :).

  3. Oh, you have a really beautiful selection here, nice ideas.